Sports Injuries

People who do exercise and sports often run the risk of recurring injuries. These are different from the acute "sprain or tear" and usually build up slowly. For example runners and footballers often have recurring hamstring injuries. A pelvic or hip problem may not give pain, but will cause an immediate tightening of the hamstring muscle to compensate, therefore making it much more susceptible to injury.

When an injury becomes recurring, it is usually because of a chronic "overload" from some other part of the body.

The key to treating these conditions successfully is to understand the exact mechanics of the spine and joints, and to restore them to optimum function. This will often lead to a dramatic improvement in performance, because every joint and muscle is working to its maximum potential.

Many professional sports teams use chiropractors. Kay has treated athletes at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Clinic as part of the medical team. For the last decade she has also worked with Trowbridge Rugby Club treating pitch side injuries.