Our Vision & Values:

We are committed to delivering the highest quality neuromusculoskeletal care to every patient, specific to their needs and supported by the best possible customer service.

Our promise to our patients is to constantly demonstrate:

Quality Service






Complaints Procedure:

At Maristow Chiropractic Clinic we aim to provide patients with the highest standard of care. However, there may occasionally be circumstances when you may feel this has not been the case. If this is the case, we would rather be told about it so that we can do our best to solve the problems and reduce further occurrences.  

If you have a question or complaint about the service you have received, please initially speak to a receptionist who will direct you to the appropriate person. Alternatively please put your complaint in writing to the address below or reception@maristowchiropractic.com. 

You may also request an appointment to discuss the matter with the Clinical Director: Kay Pearce DC. 

 How we will deal with complaints:

A written complaint will be acknowledged in writing within two working days. After investigating the details, you will be given an explanation or invited to arrange a meeting to discuss within 10 working days. 

In the case of a telephone complaint or a personal visit, key details will be recorded and arrangements made to talk at a mutually convenient time. This discussion will be acknowledged in writing.

Complaining on behalf of someone else: 

We observe strict rules of confidentiality and follow Data Protection Regulations. If someone wants to complain on your behalf, we require written authority from you to discuss your information. 

The investigation:

An investigator, who may be the owner of the practice, will:

  1. Contact the complainant 
  2. Establish the facts 
  3. Investigate the matter fully with the appropriate practice personnel 
  4. If appropriate, invite the complainant to a meeting within ten working days where possible 
  5. If the patient declines to use the practice procedure then he/she should be referred to the General Chiropractic Council, 44 Wicklow Street, London, WC1X 9HL Tel: 020 7713 5155 E-Mail Enquiries@gcc-uk.org
  6. The Meeting: At the meeting we will listen to the complainant carefully and ask what it is he/she wishes to achieve (if for any reason the complainant is not the patient then we will ensure that he/she has an appropriate letter of authority to act on behalf of the patient and be sure not to breach patient confidentiality). 
  7. If we feel that the practice has been at fault and the standard of care provided was not of an acceptable quality then we will apologise and give an explanation.
  8. If we feel that the practice has NOT been at fault then we will explain fully the reasons for reaching this view to the patient.
  9. If the patient remains dissatisfied after receiving our explanation, we will refer him/her to the General Chiropractic Council.  Enquiries@gcc-uk.org


We will ensure that full and proper records are kept throughout the whole complaints procedure including

  1. Date of complaint and the manner in which it was made e.g. letter/telephone/personal visit 
  2. Name of person complaining (if not the complainant) 
  3. Details of the complaint 
  4. Findings of the investigation 
  5. Notes of any meetings and telephone conversations 
  6. Correspondence between the patient and the practice 
  7. A record of the agreed outcome and action (if any) taken by the practice We will make the notes while the telephone call or meeting is fresh in our mind. We will keep all the complaint papers in a central complaints file. 

CLOSING THE COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE: The procedure ends when the complainant is satisfied with the explanation and/or the action taken. If the patient remains dissatisfied then he/she will be informed that he/she may raise the matter with the General Chiropractic Council.