Having explained your treatment plan, your chiropractor will start treatment.

This consists of various muscle and joint techniques, such as soft tissue work and manipulation. Chiropractic manipulation is also called an adjustment, which is a small but fast movement of the restricted joint. This is sometimes accompanied by a "popping" or "clicking" sound. This is caused by the release of an air bubble within the joint, which is completely harmless and actually incidental to the treatment. Treatment is generally painless, although some patients may feel slightly sore if their muscles are very inflamed.


The aim of the treatment is to restore normal mobility and function to the restricted joints, which in turn will allow the inflammation to clear, the muscles to relax and the ligaments and tendons to heal. Essentially, if something is too stiff, we loosen it and if it is too weak we strengthen it!

At Maristow Chiropractic Clinic, as well as manipulation we use massage techniques, acupuncture, tape techniques, ultrasound and muscle stimulation units. We also spend time providing advice and suitable exercise programmes that may help prevent your problem returning.


Chiropractic treatment is suitable for all ages and is adapted to each individual patient. Our youngest patient to receive treatment was a baby, just a few days old, and we regularly see patients well into their 90's. As every problem is different, so is every treatment plan - no two patients are treated exactly the same. Some individuals will be expected to make a complete recovery. Others will be recommended ongoing care, perhaps every three months, to help prevent the reoccurrence of the problem once it has been resolved.

Throughout the treatment you will be continually monitored and reassessed to ensure you are progressing according to plan. Occasionally it is necessary to slightly change the approach, to make sure your recovery is as swift as possible.