Shoulder Pain


The shoulder joint is very complex. Because of the amount of movement we need from the area it is less stable than other joints like the hip. Many shoulder conditions occur because of a gradual overload on the shoulder, perhaps from sleeping or working posture. Tension across the shoulders is a common problem related to stressful lifestyles. In these cases the chiropractor often finds problems in the neck and upper back and it is vital that these areas are treated to allow the shoulder to heal properly.

Pain in the shoulder is often associated with restricted movement. This is usually noticed in men when putting a jacket on, or in women when fastening their bra. One condition which may cause this is a frozen shoulder or "adhesive capsulitis". This is not a common as many patients would think however - a much more common shoulder pain is caused by Tendonitis of the shoulder muscles which could be caused by either an actual injury (very common in sports injuries) or by a gradual, repetitive strain.